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 2018 Community Outreach

Water Park Towers
Health Fair 

April 17, 2018
Arlington, Virginia 

Massage Therapist Mario with a happy customer 

Massage Therapist Mario warming up to provide some relaxation to a patient 

Massage Therapist Mario providing some relief to this young ladies middle back 

Smiles all around

Massage Therapist Jun and another happy customer 

Both Therapist Jun and Mario showing off some of their great talents 

 F45 Training 
April 7, 2018
Pentagon Row
Arlington, Virginia 


Marketing Director Derrick and Event Coordinator Lynn

Massage Therapist Jessica with yet another happy client 


Massage Therapist Jessica working out some tight area on this client 

Massage Therapist Jessica working some tight shoulder muscles 


Thanks to F45 for welcoming us to their gym

OrangeTheory Fitness
March 7, 2018
Arlington, Virginia 

Thanks to the great people at OrangeTheroy @ Pentagon City for welcoming us

Our Talented Massage Therapist Jessica Working on a Few Tight Areas 

 Massage Therapist Jessica Assessing Her Client

September  Community Outreach

Pass The Pigskin 
September 29, 2017
Arlington, Virginia 

Special Gift From The Washington Redskin Cheerleaders

Special Guest at The Shops at Crystal City 

Market Lead Rep Derrick with The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders 

Massage Therapist Jun and a Client After Preforming Some of His Magic 

Pure Barre Studio
September 20, 2017
Arlington, Virginia

Massage Therapist Kinsey Providing a Relaxing Chair Massage

Thanks So Much For Having Us Out 

September 16, 2017
Arlington, Virginia 

Nothing Better Than Being Pampered In The Park 

Massage Therapist Jun Providing Some Relief To Tight Shoulder Muscles

Massage Therapist Jun Providing Some Upper Body Relief

Providing Some Muscle Tension Relief To The Neck 

Massage Therapist Jun Along Side Amber Manager of Wework


Patient Educator Beza Along Side Amber Manager of Wework

Thanks So Much 

Pure Barre Pop-Up In The Park 
September 14, 2017
Crystal City, Virginia 

Massage Therapist Kinsey Getting Ready To Perform Her Magic 

Massage Therapist Kinsey Gathering Information From Perspective Client

Another Happy Client 

Nice Day For an Outside Massage 

Patient Educator/ Lead  Marketing Rep Derrick With Co- Owner Of Pure Barre 


Kinsey In The Community 

The Merriot at Crystal City 
August 24, 2017
Crystal City, Virginia 

Massage Therapist Jessica Providing Some Low Back Relief 

Patient Educator/ Lead  Marketing Rep Derrick Making New Friends in the Community 

Group Photo with The Merriot Team 

Massage Therapist Jessica with Manager at The Merriot 

August 17-24, 2017
Arlington, Virginia 

Massage Therapist Jessica Providing Some Low Back Relief


Massage Therapist Kinsey Providing Some Stress Relief 

Massage Therapist Kinsey Providing Some Relief  To Some Stress Points 

A Little Upper Back Relief 

The Neck is a Well Known Stress Point 

Providing Some Relaxation During Work Hours 

Thanks so much for having us out

Synethic Theater
August 15, 2017
Arlington, Virginia 


Massage Therapist Jessica Providing Some Relaxation To This Hard Working Actress

Targeting Some Stress Points

Great Way To Relax 

Low Back Pain, No Worries Jessica Can Handle That 

Nothing But Smiles After Jessica Performed Her magic 

Thanks So Much For Having Us Out 

Clarendon Fitness
August 10, 2017
Arlington, Virginia 


Massage Therapist Mr. Kim loosen up the shoulder muscles 

Mr. Kim Providing some upper back massage therapy 

Mr. Kim uses every technique he knows to provide relief for patients 

Mr. Kim also brings stretching into his massage therapy 

Mr. Kim working the shoulders for these weight lifters

Mr. Kim providing some low back relief 

Thanks for having us out!!!!!

Crystal City BID
July 11, 2017
Arlington, Virginia 

Joe Petty, Vice President of Programs, Massage Therapist Jun and Robert Mandle, Chief Operating Officer

 Joe Petty, Vice President of Programs, Patient Educator Beza and Robert Mandle, Chief Operating Officer

In House Pampering Event at The Holistic Point 
June 24, 2017
Arlington, Virginia 

Massage Therapist Jun Providing Some Shoulder Work to Relieve Some Stress

Massage Therapist Tackling Some Lower Back Pain 

Jun working More Of His Magic

The Holistic Point's Wine and Cheese Event 
June 21, 2017
Arlington, Virginia 

Wine and Cheese Set Up

Therapist Jun Providing Some Relief Through Massage for Patient Educator Derrick

Some More Of Jun's Talented Work 

Female Patient Enjoying Gua-Shaa Style Massage

A Little Deep Tissue Work 

Stress Relieving Technique

Mrs. Pamela From New Hope Housing, Massage Therapist Jun and Patient Educator Derrick 

Entrepreneur's Organization 
June 13th & 20th, 2017
Alexandria, Virginia

Derrick along side office coordinator Rebecca 

Set up with some freebies

Massage Therapist Jun Provide a Swedish Massage 

Therapist Kinsey providing some relaxation to this mommy to be 

Therapist Kinsey working clients upper back

Therapist Kinsey showing off her awesome skills

Providing some relief to a tense neck (cervical)

Working through some knots 

Some more of Kinsey's awesome work 

Putt Golf  at The Underground Shops at Crystal City
June 16, 2017
Arlington, Virginia

Set up with goodies 


Massage Therapist Providing Some Deep Tissue Work 

Jun and Client 

Massage Therapist Lizzy Working Her Magic 

M-Flats Apartments
June 13, 2017
Arlington, Virginia

Set up

Massage Therapist Kim Providing some relief in this resident's tight neck

Little Girl Admiring Therapist Kim's Good Work 

Resident's Relaxing After a Long Day With a Chair Massage 

National Bike to Work Day 
May 19, 2017
Arlington, Virginia

Massage therapist Jun, Kim and Dr. Sindhi ready to start pampering 

Patient Educator Alliyah informing biker of our great services

Bike to work day such a success

All set,and ready to start pampering bikers

Therapist Kim providing a little chair work 

Mr. Kim providing a little relaxation to a biker

Therapist Jun stretching out a biker

Patient Educator Alliyah and a biker having a few laughs

Even Dr. Sindhi likes to join in on the fun and community outreach

Therapist Kim work out dome knots in a biker

M Flats Apartments
May 9, 2017
Arlington, Virginia

Set up with some goodies to take home 

Mr. Kim with front desk receptionist 

M-Flats staff

Mrs. Hallie property manager with Derrick 

Mr. Kim providing relaxing massage to a staff member

Mr. Kim with staff after massage

Mr. Kim with door man and resident 

Mr. Kim with resident 

Sparkle Child Care Center 
May 2-4, 2017
Arlington, Virginia

Providing a little pampering for teacher appreciation week! 

Mr. Kim providing examples of some stretching moves for her lower back 

More stretching moves

Derrick with Mrs. Cherie Director of Sparkle

Mr. Kim with staff member after chair massage

Mr. Jun provide some leg work 

Jun attacking problem area for staff member 

Jun working on patients lower back and hip area

Mr. Jun giving the patients feet some attention 


Earth Trek Climbing 
April 11, 2017
Arlington, Virginia


Table Set up With Goodies

Ready to start pampering

A little upper body work

Jun working patients glut muscles

Jun focusing on her trouble areas

Therapist Jun providing some deep tissue work 

Focusing on the lower back region 


Jun working on the patients tight shoulders


Jun working on patients tight shoulder blades


Jun even includes some stretching 


Thank you so much Earth Trek Climbing for allowing us to visit!!

Showering April With More Community Outreach!!!!!!!!!!

Dental Office of  Richard D. Gruntz & Richard D. Gruntz lll
April 10, 2017

Arlington, Virginia

Jun providing Swedish Massage


Jill, Office Administor and Dr. Richard D. Gruntz lll


Patient educator Derrick along with Dr. Richard D. Gruntz lll


Jun with Jill, Office Administor and Dr. Richard D. Gruntz lll


Relaxation at it's core

Thanks for having us!!!!


Crystal City's National Walking Day
April 5, 2017
Crystal City Water Park

Patient Educator Derrick along with one of the event coordinators 


Jun along with a prospective massage client 

Jun showing his awesome massage skills

Mr. Kim a
long with a prospective massage client 

Arlington Transportation Crew and Derrick, patient educator

Set up of our displays with some great giveaways

Enjoying outside massages


Mr. Kim along with a prospective massage client  

Arlington Transportation Crew

 Mr. Jun along with a prospective massage client 

Community Outreach Has Begun: March Madness

Orangetheory Fitness, Arlington, VA
March 7, 2017

Light Snacks and Giveaways!!

Community Outreach

One Of Our Talented Massage Therapist Jessica At Work !!!!!!


Jessica doing what she does best....

Jessica providing a little chair work......

Thank you so much Orangetheory of Arlington for allowing us to come by and pamper you. 

More March Madness..............................

Talented Massage Therapist Kinsey....... 


Kinsey doing what she does best........

Employees enjoying being Pampered....

Thank you so much Dr. Ware, Alexandria, VA for allowing us to visit.

Community Outreach At Its Finest.....

A Few Giveaways......

Kinsey and The Manager of Sport & Health Gym

Kinsey and One of The Personal Trainers

Kinsey and One of The Personal Trainers

Thank you so much Sport & Health Gym, Arlington, VA

More and More Pampering......

Lawyers love being pampered as well....

Kinsey providing Mr. Wingfield Esqu. with a great chair massage

Zachary Lipp Esqu. enjoying some down time

Dr. Vipul Sindhi DC, FIAMA, FASA, CICE and Kara Bennis Esqu.

Zachary Lipp Esqu and Dr. Vipul Sindhi DC, FIAMA, FASA, CICE

Thank you so much to the Law Office of Wingfield & Ginsburg for allowing us to visit.
Washington, DC

Our Staff Also Enjoys Being Pampered As Well.... 

Massage Therapist Lizzie Working on Kenya One of Our Patient Educators

Massage Therapist Kinsey Working on Wendy Our Receptionist

Massage Therapist Kinsey Working on Derrick One of Our Patient Educators 


Orangetheory Fitness, Rosslyn, VA
March 22, 2017

Talented Massage Therapist Jun Introducing the Massage Technique Gua-Shaa


Thank you so much Orangetheory Fitness, Rosslyn, VA for welcoming us!!!!!!

Ending March With a Bang!!!

Snacks and Giveaways

Talented Massage Therapist Jun Providing a Swedish Massage

Thank you so much Crystal City Dental Arts!!!!!!

If you are interested in signing up your office and staff for an Employee Pampering Event please feel free to contact our office to schedule a good date and time. Thanks in advance!!

Phone: 703-413-0688 Email: Reception@Theholisticpoint.com